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Big Fish Gyotaku

School of Atlantic Bumper - 15in x 22in

School of Atlantic Bumper - 15in x 22in

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Atlantic Bumper range from the coast of Massachusetts and as far south as Uruguay.  Bumper are easily identifiable based on the unique shape, the ventral (belly) being far more curved than their top (dorsal).

Bumper are one of the most abundant inshore fish, especially in the southern portion of their range. 

This school of 11 Atlantic Bumper is printed on handmade mulberry-based rice paper with oil-based ink and finished with lightfast pigments. Wet mounted for rigidity and archival stability.  matted and framed in natural hardwood maple. 

This artwork ships framed.


This artwork has sold however I am able to create a similar art piece if you desire.  If you are interested in learning more please feel free to contact me.


Artwork Dimensions - 15in x 22in

Matted Dimensions - 22in x 28in

Frame Dimensions - 23in x 29in

Frame - Natural maple hardwood frame


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