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Nate Garrett

Maine "Belon" No.3 - 8in x 10in

Maine "Belon" No.3 - 8in x 10in

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The Maine "Belon" locally known as a Harpswell Flat Oyster (true Belons only come from the Belon region of France) was brought to Maine from France in the 1950's in an attempt to raise them via aquaculture.  Those early attempts to cultivate this unique oyster were abandoned and the oyster was forgotten.  Years later these transplanted Belons established themselves as a wild population along the rocky bottom of the Damariscotta River.  Today these wild oysters are harvest by divers.

This oyster is created on handmade mulberry-based rice paper. Wet mounted for rigidity and archival stability. 

Artwork Dimensions - 8in x 10in

Matted Dimensions - 14in x 16in

Frame Dimensions - N/A

Frame - Please contact me if you wish to have this piece framed. 


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