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Nate Garrett

American Shad #2 - 11in x 14in

American Shad #2 - 11in x 14in

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The American Shad is commonly called, "The fish that fed the nation's founders." and is arguable the second most valuable fish to the economic growth of early America next to the Atlantic Cod.  In early summer millions of fish historically migrated hundreds of miles up rivers that empty in the Atlantic.  This annual migration is not just a boon for recreational fishermen but also an important food source for another prized game fish, the Striped Bass. 

This shad bust is printed on mulberry-based rice paper using traditional Japanese sumi ink (pine soot mixed with water). It is not flattened and retains a rustic "crinkled" look.


Artwork Dimensions - 11in x 14in

Matted Dimensions - 16in x 20in

Frame Dimensions - n/a

Frame - Please contact me if you wish to have this piece framed. 


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