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Nate's  services are offered for commercial and promotional use.  Hotel/restaurant decor, labels, logos, restaurant menus, artwork for books, magazines, brochures... The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination.  Inquire HERE to begin making your vision a reality.




Nate welcomes, and truly enjoys, commissions from individuals who would like to capture a special memory of a fish they have caught.  Below are the steps that need be taken to send a fish in printable condition.  Please inquire HERE regarding commissions and before sending your fish.


  • The fish MUST BE without damage or open wounds to at least one side. This includes spear, gaff, knife holes, etc.. Please DO NOT gut, scale or bleed your fish.

  • The veins and spines of the fins and tail MUST BE be intact and unbroken.

  • DO NOT wash or clean the slime off your fish.

  • The fish should be wrapped in plastic or bagged and iced as soon after catching as possible. Once you have your fish home, the fish should be vacuum sealed and frozen as quickly as possible.

  • Once your fish has been received and is confirmed to be in printable condition, the print will take about 2-4 weeks for completion.