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Big Fish Gyotaku

Sterlet No. 1 - 29in x 16in

Sterlet No. 1 - 29in x 16in

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Sterlet are a small species of sturgeon found in Eurasia, and are native to the rivers that flow to the Black Sea, Azov Sea, and Caspian Sea.  Highly prized for their flesh and eggs as caviar these fish have been extirpated in their native ranges.  

This particular Sterlet was raised in aquaculture and serves as an example of how sustainable and mindful fisheries practices can relieve pressure on wild fish stocks giving conservationists valuable time to stabilize and recover wild populations.

This artwork has sold however I am able to create a similar art piece if you desire.  If you are interested in learning more please feel free to contact me.



Artwork Dimensions - 29in x 16in 

Framed Dimensions - n/a

Frame Material - n/a

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