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Nate Garrett

Summer Flounder (Fluke) - 28in x 29in

Summer Flounder (Fluke) - 28in x 29in

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The Summer Flounder or "Fluke" is popular table fare among professional and home chefs. This Gulf of Maine Summer Flounder measures nearly 22 inches long.   It is printed on mulberry-based rice paper using traditional Japanese sumi ink (pine soot mixed with water).

Note - This piece has been left in a "traditional" state and has not been wet mounted.  The paper displays visible wrinkles from the artistic process.

This artwork has sold however I am able to create a similar art piece if you desire.  If you are interested in learning more please feel free to contact me.

Artwork Dimensions - 20in x 20in

Framed Dimensions - 28in x 29in

Frame Material - Natural cherry wood


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